Waterfall Quest is now LIVE!

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author image by Grim | 0 Comments | November 13, 2019

Since ReaperScape has been on since june, I think It was time we added a new quest, that was quick and great for new players! All rewards included! Get yourself the treasure from that waterfall!

Some fixes:

  • Dwarfen mine has the agility Shortcut with required Agility level
  • 10 Second (::yell) (/) timer has been removed. If abused it will be put back.
  • Mods and Admins no longer need 2 hours playtime in order to ::yell
  • Fixed rat NPC spawn in remmington to quickly get the rats tail for Witch’s Potion quest.
  • Added all NPC’s for dungeons explored from the Waterfall Quest

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