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author image by Grim | 0 Comments | October 20, 2019

HALLOWEEN EVENT HAS COME EARLY! To start the event speak to Betty in Draynor Manor! This will be a 3 part event Each couple of days it’ll be a different event ending with a big bang on Halloween day! Don’t miss out on either event or you’ll have to wait till next year muahahahaha!

in other news,

Some small changes has been made with the client and in-game:

  • Logging in now provides a Halloween themed background!
  • “Discord” button on client has been replaced with a “Forums” button.
  • Whole entire ReaperScape map has changed to match Halloween theme!
  • Ranged guild shop has had a Crystal bow added.
  • Mage guild has had the Ancient staff and Ghostly robes added.
  • Many more!

Happy Halloween!

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