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    -NAME: jado

    -AGE: 23

    -WHY SHOULD WE PICK YOU: ive been on this server for a while and i see that it lacks few mods to run it while its one

    Lets take an example of what problems can occur when you’re a moderator:

    -Player 1 flames Player 2, and Player 2 starts to flame back. How may I handle this situation? id listen to both parts aside and see whats the story about then will determine who is right or wrong then try to solve it peacefully because they did flame each other back, if they dont want to solve it then we will use mod powers where none of them will like it which could lead to mute at first and spend second to a permaban if the situation was unsolved by them..

    -HOW MANY HOURS DO YOU SPEND ONLINE A DAY: can do from 4 to 9 hours a day


    -ARE YOU BOTH ACTIVE ON OUR FORUMS AND IN-GAME: yes but mostly in-game

    -IN A SHORT PARAGRAPH PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT YOU CAN BRING TO THE SERVER IN THIS POSITION: i can bring positivity where everyone can laugh at the matter of being able to chat together and on discord i know what im capable of in a way where it makes people happy about them being in the server

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