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2006 - An end of an era?


Staff member
ReaperScape 2006 has been online for almost a year now and it has seen a lot of accounts in it's time. Unfortunately, 2006 might be a dying era, with so much more to do in an OSRS era. The engine just isn't there with the 2006 server. It is perfect, beyond belief, but gameplay not so much. So I have been thinking about some options:

1: I can keep on both servers and minimally code both whenever it's needed


2: Turn off the 2006 server and concentrate fully and code on the OSRS server that has come to fruition? (All stats and some items may be transferred to the new server)

Just a discussion might be putting a poll on it later, let me know what you guys think?


As much work I put into the 06, it does suck that 06 isn't to popular.

The osrs community is alot more popular and would draw more players i think.

If you do decide to concentrate on osrs server I am all for it but would like my progress on some items to come over if its possible.