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    TOP 10

    Another achievement in the books everyone! I just reached top 10 in the leader board overall section! I want to thank @Feel and @Mod Grim for the support and fun we have shared together. Now on forward into getting me some 99's!
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    Player Mod!

    I am happy to announce that I am the newest player moderator to enter the team! I want to thank @Mod Grim for allowing me to be a great part of the community as i'll try my best to be the best influence to the game. If there are any questions that are game-related please ask me through; the...
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    First Black Partyhat

    I am the current and only owner as of yesterday to obtain the Black Partyhat from the Super Donator Mystery Box! It is an untradeable item as of today so I won't be offering to sell it or trade.