October 26, 2020, 3:58 am | by Run Escape

RuneCrafting Guide: (Low to mid rc rate - Yet the runs are quickly done.) Skill Req: Level 2 Rc. - To Use the Mind Rune Alter. 45 Magic. - To Teleport to Camelot. (28. Magic for the Mind Alter Teleport.) Quest Req: 'Way of the Necromancer' - To gain the Book of the Dead. Item Req: Book of the Dead, around 10 mind runes, some of your law runes, a Staff of Air, a Mind Tiara (To save 1 space.) or Mind Talisman & all your Pure/Rune essence. (As shown in the picture below.) ...


April 29, 2020, 8:38 am | by Grim

Get yourself 40 slayer then go to terror dogs which are located north of the black chins which you can get to via the Skilling - hunter tele. and they're east of the rev caves which you can get to via the wilderness tele (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS IN 38-40 WILDERNESS SO DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK) Rev caves are a brilliant way to get cash and also starter skilling supplies If you're an ironman as it drops all sorts of items from rune armour to seeds to bolt tips and assorted bars and ores. Ot...
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